Why do humans crave community? It’s really quite simple: we all want somewhere to belong. And that’s the intangible part of Bailey’s Grove that makes our neighborhood special. Despite our size, we each have our own place where we fit, where we matter and where we are valued. In Bailey’s Grove, we’re surrounded by neighbors to live life with. While we watch our kids grow up, eat meals together or talk about work or life challenges, we bond with each other. Friendships are formed and cemented as that day-to-day living adds up to years of life. We love living in Bailey’s Grove because our neighbors have become our family. We hope that you will dive in and invest in the relationships that make life fulfilling.

Family friendly

Amenities within and nearby Bailey’s Grove are standout features for families of all ages.

Award winning landscaping

Professionally maintained landscaping in the neighborhood keep our common areas beautiful.

Great schools

Kentwood Public Schools provide all students with a diverse and relevant learning experience.

Community events

Festivals, parties and garage sales all form opportunities for neighbors to interact and have fun!

Four distinct neighborhoods of single
family homes, luxury town homes, ranch
and detached villa condominiums.

We have truly found our forever home and neighborhood. We are grandparents living among all the beautiful families here in BG. I love sitting on the porch watching the life of this little community fly by on bikes, tricycles, strollers, behind leashes and running toddlers. I have amazing neighbors and feel blessed to have them. What could be better than this? I can't think of a thing.

Lynne Quanstrom-Dillman,Resident since 2014

Moving from Seattle to Kentwood, we didn’t know much about the area. I looked at several homes and my realtor thought to show me a home in Bailey’s Grove as a second thought. I’m glad she thought to show me! We moved to our home and have loved our home ever since. I enjoy the walking trails, the closeness to the library and one of my favorite stores, Horrock’s! Lots of good summer memories have been made here.

Tracey Wright,Resident since 2001

We love BG so much that we bought our second home here! Our friends couldn't believe we just moved down the street but with a pool, miles of walking paths, and open backyards where our kids find all the other kids in the neighborhood. Most summer days, our kids bike to the pool for swimming or an ice cream cone. In winter, the kids all meet up and go sledding. You won't regret your decision to join us in the Grove!

Dirk VanEyk,Resident since 2009
  • 5353 Bailey Grove Dr, Grand Rapids, MI 49512