The Kentwood school district is the heart of our community and value families as and integral part of educating our children. K.P.S. are about capturing the excitement of children to learn and to inspire them to believe in the value of all human beings.

With a Michigan Exemplary Blue Ribbon School status, Kentwood schools produce students who go on to do bigger things in the world by consistently scoring above the state average in test scores. Sports, arts and music programs as well as a cultural diversity make Kentwood students well rounded and prepared for the future.

Maybe that's why Grand Rapids Magazine has ranked our school system in the top 25% among all districts in West Michigan.

  • K.P.S. has arrived on the national scene

    Kentwood schools are being studied as a national model for schools across the United States. As they have become larger and more economically and culturally diverse, they've embraced the concept of unity through diversity.

  • Have you heard?

    East Kentwood High School graduates are currently attending such prestigious institutions as Harvard, Yale, Notre Dame, Cambridge, the US Air Force Academy, West Point Military Academy, Purdue, U of M, Michigan State, WMU, University of Illinois and other excellent institutions.


Kentwood schools rank in the top 10%
of test scores in Michigan

Kentwood Schools Benefits

    Grade Schools
  • A K-12 curriculum designed to meet the individual needs of all students including gifted and talented, at-risk, special needs, and alternative education pupils.
  • The only district in the county with a self-contained gifted and talented program for high-achieving students in grades 3-8!
  • The Scholastic Reading Program – which has an emphasis on phonics and literature
  • The Chicago Math Series – computation, problem solving (using analysis, synthesis, and evaluation skills), and parent “Home-Links” for collaboration
  • Computer Literacy programs
  • Music, Art, Physical Education, and Spanish K-5
  • Up-to-date computer labs for assistance in reading, math, and research applications Powerpoint and Excel for student presentations
  • Odyssey of the Mind competition for creativity and intellectual challenge
  • KIDS after school program offering 30 choices from athletic, artistic and other extended learning opportunities to students in grades 2-8
    Middle Schools
  • Michigan Exemplary Blue Ribbon School status
  • 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Scholastic reading program
  • 7th and 8th grade Advance Language arts programs
  • READ 180 and Fast ForWord programs
  • Connected Math Series and computational skills
  • Computer literacy curriculum
  • Band, choir, and orchestra programs that involve over 50% of all students!
  • Major productions of plays and musicals
  • Mentoring programs
  • Interscholastic athletic competition in six sports
  • KIDS Intramural programs in seven sports
  • "Capturing Kids Hearts" program
    EK High School
  • CCNA (Certified Cisco Network Administrator) technology certification
  • Twelve Advanced Placement classes for college credit – the largest number of AP courses of the 20 school districts in Kent County
  • Four years of study in German, Spanish, Latin, and French
  • Twenty-four performing arts groups in band, choir, and orchestra
  • Major productions of plays and musicals
  • A high school marching band of 270-plus members which is one of the largest high school bands in the state
  • Twenty-seven varsity sports with 61 teams – offering a balance in boys and girls sports
  • Intramural sports programs for grades 6-12
  • Exciting dance and sideline cheer with competitive opportunities
  • East Kentwood High School received the Governor’s Cup for the most MEAP award winners in the OK Red Conference