The Baileys Grove Property Owners Association consists of volunteer board members, committee members and concerned residents that help to keep our community run smoothly. We also have a friendly professional property management company to assist us in assuring that our community remains the award winning place we call home.

As most Baileys Grove residents agree, there are many advantages to living in a planned community with an association that has rules and regulations. Whether you agree with all or some, the guidelines have been put in place to ensure that all residents conform to the communities standards and maintain the high standards that make Baileys Grove such a highly sought after place to live.

BGPOA ensures that the collective rights
and interests of Baileys Grove homeowners
are respected and preserved.

Board/Association Members

    •   Jeffrey Allchin - President
    •   Jona Gasper - Vice President
    •   Don Backus - Secretary
    •   Brian Camp - Director
    •   Nick Barbour - Director
    •   James Grover - Director
    •   Ray Chamberlain - Director-Villas
    •   Phil Smart - Director-Villas
    •   Mike Harvey - Director- North Condo
    •   Phil Kennedy - Director- North Condo
    •   Roy Johnson - Director, South Condo President
    •   Fred Olejniczak - Director, South Condo Treasurer
    •   Tracy Camp - Pool Manager
    •   Jen Prefontaine - Clubhouse Manager